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Sunday, February 19, 2017
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ACSI Creative Writing


Students from grades 4 through 9 participated in the ACSI Creative Writing Festival that was hosted by Grace Baptist Christian School this year.  These students entered a variety of categories and were rewarded for their efforts by receiving the following placements. To read each submission, click on the the title.


Student Name Grade Category Title Placement
Sheeya Amin 4 Short Story The Unknown Life of a Butterfly Excellent
Ali Austin 9 Short Story Writer’s Block Excellent
Lyndsey Darden 7 Essay My Role Model Good
Tiffany Franklin 5 Rhymed Poetry My Brother Excellent
Dylan Goodner 5 Rhymed Poetry The Mailman Excellent
Lauren Jackson 4 Rhymed Poetry People Good
Alex Johnson 9 Essay Renaissance Era Excellent
Marlo McBrayer 5 Rhymed Poetry The World is So Amazing Excellent
Deenah Prudent 4 Rhymed Poetry The Bunny Excellent
Loren Sullivan 7 Essay Role Model Excellent
Leihan Xu 5 Rhymed Poetry There was a Fellow Named Fling Excellent