Eagle's Landing Christian Academy
Friday, January 19, 2018
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What the Marketing and Communications office can do for you...
  • Get your event on the website home page
  • Send a message via school-wide email. 
  • Get your event on the school-wide and/or RenWeb calendar
  • Promote your event or group via social media
  • Promote your event on campus news monitors
  • Promote your event or program to or through ELFBC
  • Promote your event in the eNewsletter
  • Help with the design of flyers, t-shirts, signage, etc.for your event or program
  • Alert media to your promotion or event
ELCA Style Guide - describes the way to use the logo, how to be consistent in writing times and dates,etc.in your communications.
Prioritization of Workflow
  1. ELCA Administrative assignments
  2. ELCA Branding and promotion deadlines
  3. School-wide campaigns and events
  4. Faculty or Staff request
  5. ELFBC assignments
  6. Non-ELCA assignments
Priority is also determined by the number of people potentially involved.
(All-School programs and events = higher priority,
event involving one classroom = lower priority)
How you can help the Marketing and Communications Office
  • Alert us of the special events, programs, promotions and general "cool stuff" going on in your area
  • Alert us of the unusual or extraordinary activities and accomplishments of your students
  • Share photos of your activities and students
  • Copy email communications to contact@eagleslanding.org