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Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Eagle's Landing Christian Academy has raised the standards by which all other Christian schools should be measured with regard to students with learning challenges such as dyslexia.

-Robert Langston

Author, Motivational Speaker and Consultant CEO, The Dyslexia Educational Network, Inc.


The MERIT Program (Multi-faceted Educational Resources and Instructional Technology) provides assistance to our students who have diagnosed, documented learning differences.  Students who are served by the MERIT Program must be identified through a multi-faceted evaluation as exhibiting a learning difference that significantly impedes their academic progress. A current (within the last three years) comprehensive evaluation of the student’s cognitive, academic achievement, social, behavioral, etc. domains must be on file at the school.

The MERIT Program will assist identified students in becoming active and competent learners in the classroom. Conferences will be scheduled with parents and teacher(s) to discuss strategies, modifications, and/or accommodations that will enable the student to experience success in the classroom. Please note that this is not a tutorial service. Students may or may not need to receive additional tutorial assistance outside of the MERIT Program to help them with the classroom curricula. Students will not receive specialized instruction and are expected to function within the demands of ELCA’s curriculum on their grade level.


Students receiving services will be billed the appropriate fees. The total amount may be paid in the beginning of the year or in monthly installments. Enclosed you will find a detailed description of our MERIT Program, a Parental Consent Form, and a Parental Commitment Form. The Parental Consent and Parental Commitment forms must be signed, dated, and returned to ELCA (Attention: Wanda Cowan). If there is not a copy of a current evaluation in the student’s file, please provide us with this information. Services will not be provided until all records and evaluations are reviewed and Student Support Services determines the student’s eligibility for the program.


We look forward to ministering to your child and assisting them in experiencing success in the classroom. Please be assured that assisting and equipping our students for success in the classroom and in the world for Christ continues to be our primary desire. Thank you for entrusting your child to us and for your continued commitment to their academic and spiritual growth.


Anna Ivey, Director of Student Support Services

Wanda Cowan, Learning Differences Coordinator/Consultant

Karen Singletary, Administrative Executive

Krista Sharpe, FACS

Leanne Lundstrom Cahoon, STARS

Misty Weber, Arrowsmith

MERIT Teachers: Greg Hinton, Angela Stitt, Tiffany Rogers, Amy Appleby, Bo Rush.

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