Eagle's Landing Christian Academy
Monday, August 21, 2017
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College Entrance
¨ 95-100% of graduates continue their education at a college or university with a high percentage accepted into their “first choice”
            Class of 2009
¨ 85% of graduates continued their education at a 4 year college or university
¨ 14% continued at a 2 year college
¨ 79% remained in Georgia
¨ 20% went out of state
College Entrance Exams
¨ Our four year average on the SAT is 1544 for all seniors who took the exam.
     The national average is 1513.
            Class of 2009
¨ The top ten percent of the class scored 1945 on the SAT
¨ The top 25 percent of the class scored 1815 on the SAT
¨ The class average on the SAT was 1561
AP and Honor Courses
¨ ELCA currently offers 14 Honors and 10 Advanced Placement courses
            Class of 2009
¨ 27% of those taking an Advanced Placement test earned a (passing) score of 3 or better on
     at least one test during their high school years.  The national average is 15.2%
¨ 100% of the AP Calculus class earned a (passing) score of 3 or better on the national exam
Scholarship Awards
¨ Members of the class of 2009 were offered $2,200,000 in scholarships and grants
¨ 78% of the class of 2009 were eligible for the HOPE Scholarship
National Beta Club
¨ 20% of our students (grades 10-12) are members of the Senior National Beta Club