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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Social Studies Resources

Technology helps change the student/teacher roles and relationships. Often the student is familiar with the technology, and the student must teach the teacher. The teacher becomes the mentor and the guide. Technology integration promotes project-based learning styles. It engages students in their learning processes. Students acquire and use higher-order thinking, analysis, and problem solving. They take responsibility for their learning outcomes. Teachers become guides and facilitators. Technology lends itself as the multidimensional tool that assists the process.

List of Social Studies Resources: Click here to gain a wide variety of web resources for your Math Classroom.

Teacher Samples:

1.    Social Studies iPod Touch Demo

2.    ITC Use of Technology in Social Studies Classroom

3.    History 2.0 classroom

4.    iPod Lesson Plans

5.   iPad social studies apps





Web 2.0 Tools and Resources:

1.       Animoto: Fun video creation tool using still photos

2.        Flickr: Free service that stores & uploads photos directly to your site

3.        FlickrCC: Easily find Creative Commons Flickr images

4.        Multimedia Resources for Educators: Resources educators can use in multimedia presentations

5.        OurMedia: Provides free storage and free bandwidth for your videos, audio files, photos, text or software

6.       Prezi A very cool web-based presentation tool!

7.       SlideShare: Useful site for posting, sharing & finding presentaions

8.        VoiceThread: A nice photo / audio creation tool

9.       Zoto: Another online photo hosting site that supports blogging